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Going on dates has certainly changed over the years. Before, you would either meet someone from your own circle of friends, get to know her, ask her out and possibly go on succeeding dates afterward. The fear of rejection may be high but at least you know first-hand what type of girl you re going out with. In today s world where you can find dates through online dating websites, there are certain precautions that you have to take to avoid getting duped or scammed while searching for your perfect partner.

Never give out financial or credit card information

Most online dating websites, whether they re free or paid membership, will require you to create a profile upon sign up. Here, you will give a few details about who you are, mostly your name, gender, age, email, birthdate and a password. These details are meant to help other searchers when they need to find a partner who fit their criteria. For other dating websites, especially with paid membership, you are able to provide more information like interests, hobbies and racial background, to name a few, in order to narrow down and fine tune the searches that members do. If the website asks you for your credit and financial information outside of this context, you should be alarmed.

It also seems strange and weird if the candidates that you re talking with or messaging with asks you for this type of information. There is absolutely no need for you to divulge it and you should consider changing dating websites if this happens.

Exercise caution while keeping an open mind

The thing with online dating websites is that you re essentially dealing with strangers. It s not like the people that family and friends set you up with whom they already know a little about. With online dating, you know nothing about each other except for what you get from their profile. Yes, there s always the possibility that the profile itself is a lie but you still have to keep an open mind because there are people out there who are genuinely looking for a partner and are willing to lay their cards on the table to find one.

That is why it s important that you establish a rapport with the person you re eyeing as a potential date. Take the time to subtly double check the information that she has posted. Photos may be edited which is why webcams are very helpful because they can offer live streaming and live video footage. On your part, you also have to be wary about the type of information that you re putting out there, especially when you ve only met your candidates for the first time.

Enthusiasm is good but safety is better

It s understandable to be quite excited when you think you ve found a perfect match. It s easy to be enthusiastic about going on a date especially when you ve gone over messaging and emailing for some time. It s probably safer to meet at a neutral location, midway between the two of you as extra precaution, for both of you. That way there s no pressure, you can easily move on your separate ways if things don t work out in the real world.

23 Dec 2012

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