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Western men, seeking Eastern European and Russian women for wives is continuously increasing over the years. And many are looking for advice on how to have a Russian bride. The answer to that is of course online dating. If you want to date Eastern European or Russian women you definitely have to step outside the lot and have an open mind. You must know what to do and what not to because starting from relationships to cultural differences there will be a lot of hurdles.

Here are some tips that will help you in dating Ukrainian and Russian women

  • Make some research Take some time out to research Russian women and their culture. The fact that an even number of flowers is given at funerals as a part of Ukrainian and Russian tradition should not go past your knowledge. Otherwise you can end up ruining your first date when you meet that woman in person.
  • Say what you want If you do not mention what qualities you are looking for in a woman, you may attract the wrong woman. Always mention the appearance, outlook, religious beliefs, etc. you want in a woman but try not to be too specific.
  • Make direct contact Try to have a direct contact with the woman. You should talk to her without interruptions through email, phone or webcam. This will also save you from money seekers or scams. Most Russian women can speak, read and write English and thus language shouldn t be a problem.
  • Be honest Try not to lie about anything and be what you are. One lie will lead to another and when she will find out it will be a disaster for you in the long run.
  • Effective communication How good relationship you will have with a woman completely depends on the quality of communication you have with her. Asking questions are a good way to know a person well and there is nothing wrong with it. If there is something that you need to ask then ask it.
  • Be a real man Russian women desire for real men . A real man is one who takes the lead, knows what to do and how to do it. In a nutshell she wants you to take the first step of everything. Starting from exchanging phone numbers to moving the relationship forward you have to be the leader and show her the way. That is exactly what any East European or Russian woman wants.
  • Be flexible It may be very much possible that the Russian lady you have been trying to contact is not responding. You should keep your options open and move onto someone else.

Russian women outnumber Russian men by 10 percent and so statistically, many women don t even get partners whereas most Russian men have a second family apart from their wives. According to Russian women, western men make better husbands and partners and your chances of getting a good Russian bride are high enough.

11 Jan 2013

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